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What’s the Rush to write my Will? – Pragyan Article 4

“प्रज्ञान” Means of Wisdom I am too Young… I am not dying so Soon… I am not that Old…. Most of us live in a myth that I don’t need estate plan or write a will so early in life,… Continue Reading →

Timely succession & Estate Planning is a key to hassle free future for you and your Family – Pragyan Article 3

“प्रज्ञान” Means of Wisdom In the earlier Pragyaan we explained you about Will, in this part we will take you through Trusts Timely succession & Estate Planning is a key to hassle free future for you and your Family  … Continue Reading →

What does Estate Planning Encompass?- Pragyan Article 2

“प्रज्ञान” Means of Wisdom In the earlier Pragyaan we took you through the basics of Estate Planning and briefly discussed about its methods. In this edition, we will take you through the tools of Estate Planning. “In spite of all… Continue Reading →

What is Estate Planning? – Pragyan Article 1

“ प्रज्ञान ” Means of Wisdom Wealth creation is a collective effort by an individual/individuals, sometimes over a few generations for the well being and continuity of their family. To create a seamless passage of legacy to the future generations… Continue Reading →

Succession Planning lessons TATA – INFOSYS – RAYMOND

Succession Planning vs Legacy TATA and Raymond have more than 100 years of legacy and Infosys has more than 30 years of legacy. They have contributed to the economy and job creation in the country in a significant way. Currently… Continue Reading →

The Singhania episode – Succession Planning 101

Succession Planning – The Singhania story The recent fallout between father and son – Vijaypat and Gautam Singhania is a classic case of lack of well-structured estate and succession planning. (See the full story below) Vijaypat Singhania says son Gautam has… Continue Reading →

Changing a WILL – is it allowed?

Changing a WILL – bursting the myths Is changing a WILL allowed? This is a very common question I’m asked. And before I answer it, let me narrate a short story. Once upon a time, there lived an old man with… Continue Reading →

Why write a WILL – My family won’t fight!

Why do I need to write a WILL – Its my family! Being optimistic is great but being blind – not so much. Everyone is emotional about their family, everybody hopes that nothing wrong should happen to them, everyone prays… Continue Reading →

Let us break some Myths about writing a WILL.

I’m too young to be writing a WILL Most of us live in a bubble and believe that we don’t need to write a will or take active measures towards estate planning “early in life” and we assume it is an… Continue Reading →

WILL Management – Why do I need it?

Life after Death – Will Management None of us really like to think about our own death or events that might unfold after we cease to exist. We often forget that life is full of uncertainties and forget the importance… Continue Reading →

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