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Next Gen – Keep them hungry keep them motivated

Hunger: Hunger is the basic need, it is the basic desire. It is hunger that motivates a human being to discover or innovate. Scarcity drives the human being to explore newer geographical territories. Human race in its original avatar was… Continue Reading →

Asset Protection Trust – Pragyan Article 11

“प्रज्ञान” Means of Wisdom ASSET PROTECTION TRUST Ringfence your Assets – Create Asset Protection Trust An asset protection trust is a vehicle created to preserve wealth by insulating assets against unanticipated risks. The Settlor settles the trust beyond the reach… Continue Reading →

Mitigating complexities while writing a Will for NRI – Pragyan Article 10

“प्रज्ञान” Means of Wisdom “Mitigating complexities while writing a Will for NRI.”     Life is uncertain and the only thing certain in life is change and its end. We accept life’s uncertainties & related risk but, yet we tend… Continue Reading →

Review Boo Casino Online in Canada 2022

Boo Casino will make you smile the minute you open the site. It’s fun, quirky, and run by a creepy ghostly resident. You’re invited to “join the fun” at this friendly online casino that has arrived in 2019, and you’re… Continue Reading →

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