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Next Gen – Keep them hungry keep them motivated

Hunger: Hunger is the basic need, it is the basic desire. It is hunger that motivates a human being to discover or innovate. Scarcity drives the human being to explore newer geographical territories. Human race in its original avatar was…

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Web Discussion on Drafting Family Constitution

Web Discussion on Drafting Family Constitution | Sandeep Nerlekar, Dr.Vinod Surana & Nand K Chaudhary

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Succession Planning lessons TATA – INFOSYS – RAYMOND

Succession Planning vs Legacy TATA and Raymond have more than 100 years of legacy and Infosys has more than 30 years of legacy. They have contributed to the economy and job creation in the country in a significant way. Currently…

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Family Businesses - History Repeats itself – Part II

Continued from Part I of the article on Family Businesses .. Growing up in the 80’s, I remember watching Doordarshan, that was the only TV channel at that time. We used to look forward to the Chitrahar, Ramayan, Mahabharat and the…